Monday, July 02, 2007

1/2 Price Living

I told you that I was going to do some "self help" reading. Ellie Kay had a lot of tips on how to save money and make it on one income. I am sure that most of her ideas are good, but I'm going to have to read the book again for them to sink in. It's an easy read at least. Now I just have to learn to put some of this stuff in practice. :)

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B said...

I just finished this book ... thanks to you mentioning it here!
I found the tips to be so-so honestly. Although, I did start asking people for the coupons they weren't going to use from the Sunday paper today. I suppose it's a start. Sadly though, there weren't many coupons in there! No fair! LOL!
Anyway, like you, I read it quickly and now I need to go back and reread it again and hope some more suggestions send off sparks in me LOL!