Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Naked Baby


I love my daughter. She likes to stay awake after we put her to bed and then call to us about half an hour later about something silly. The night before last it was the fact that she had dropped her little sheep on the floor and the world was about to end. It didn't matter that her bunny was still on the floor, only that her little sheep was on the floor. Don't forget the 5:30 am wake up call that same morning where she wanted her baby-mouth (pacifier). Mind you, she's been off of the thing for a year now. Last night took the cake though. She insisted that I put her clothes on right before bed. I told her she would just take them off later and she got mad at me...so I obliged her. Sure enough, half an hour later we got our call. Daddy went back and she was worried about that silly baby-mouth again. She also said, "Hot...shirt off." So daddy took it back off and went to leave. She got upset with him and started to cry, "No, hot...shirt off!" Chris turned around to see what she was talking about and she was holding up her baby doll. So, Chris went back and took the baby doll's clothes off too. That did the trick. She was ready to go to bed again. So, she slept with her naked baby doll last night.
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it's me, Val said...

I'm laughing . . that is the CUTEST! I love children . . . their minds are so genuinely amazing . . . so precious. I wish we could capture them and their little minds and keep them forever. I love when I see people cherishing little things, like you do, Liza. Happy 4th!

blackpurl said...

I know that it probably is not cute when you are living it... but, it sure sounds cute! She couldn't sleep cuz the baby doll was hot!

I love it!

Alexis Jacobs said...

How sweet. And the fun times have only just begun. :)