Friday, July 20, 2007

Poor Birdy

We had a bird that kept making a nest over our light on the back porch. Chris kept knocking it down into the lid of our recycling bin and the bird kept rebuilding. I finally convinced him to leave the poor thing alone so it could hatch it's egg. Well, the egg hatched and we had a baby birdy (and a mommy birdy that would squack up a storm and fly at you when you came out of the house). The other night we had a BIG storm and it was quite windy. The next morning I went outside to do something and the poor baby birdy (actually it looked more like a teenager) was lying tummy up in the water that had collected in the lid. :( I made Chris get rid of it before Libby saw it. He went ahead and took the nest down again. I don't think the birdy is going to be building it again though. How sad!

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