Sunday, July 15, 2007

Learning Colors

I'm so proud of my daughter. She's really starting to learn her colors. We've been working on them awhile so it's fun to hear her get one out of every five or so colors right. Well, most of the time. It's a little embarrassing when you're walking through a store in the mall and all of the sudden she starts saying really loudly, "Mommy, black boobies!" I look up and think she's talking about all of the bras that we are walking past, but Chris informs me that there is a girl in a black tank top a little bit ahead of us. She went on raving about the black boobies for about 3 to 4 minutes. Children and the things that come out of their mouths!

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it's me, Val said...

That is sooo funny!!! I think she's going to be a comedic! :)

Good to be "back" at your blog. It's taking me some time in catching up after not having a computer or internet for some time and then moving. I've missed you and am excited to keep reading entries . .

Hope you're doing well!!!