Friday, August 10, 2012

Camp Bee A Friend

Day Four ~ All Better Now

As of Thursday ALL three Tucker girls were at camp again!  Yea!!!  We arrived bright and early to the sleepy eyed counselors still eating breakfast.  Amazing how as the week begins everyone is chipper, but as the week drags on, we have to get up this early?

Although it was a bit chilly the kids had the opportunity to enjoy a fire truck come to spray water on them.  It was fun to watch the personalities of the kids come alive in this situation.  Some (Libby included) were right there in the thick of things!  They didn't care that it was chilly and just wanted to have some water fun.  Others, stayed on the fringe and just watched.  The last group (Grace included) just stayed away...period.  It was too cold, and they wanted nothing to do with water at that moment.  I am pretty sure that Grace was the first kiddo to turn around and say, "Can I put my clothes back on?"

After the water, our group (The Little Monsters) headed to the playground to play.  The kids were all having a good time playing tag when somehow the game got a little skewed and it turned in to "Run From Liza!"  and "Ships Ahoy" at the same time.  From there I figured I might as well fit the theme so I turned into an alligator, and then a shark.  The kids had a blast running and playing, and were still enjoying themselves as I snuck off for other responsibilities.

I didn't know what to expect when I went to pick up the girls, but amazingly thankfully they were in great spirits and we had a good time together after camp.  Toward the end of the evening we ALL got a little grumpy and I, for one, was certainly glad when bed time rolled around.  ;)

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