Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Imagine with me, if you will...John's adorable face meeting me at the top of the stairs.  He grins as wide as an alligator and proudly exclaims, "Candy!"  I close my eyes, already knowing where this is going, and ask, "Did you eat candy?"  His smile gets wider, if that is possible, as he replies, "Yes!"  I look at him with a look of dismay, and query, "Were you supposed to eat candy without asking mommy?"  His sweet little face falls.  He knows he should have asked.  Would he have had the opportunity to eat the last five pieces of candy had he asked?  No, but he knows mommy's answer would have either been "yes" or "as soon as lunch is over."

Funny, I could probably take a lesson from this.  Maybe I should start asking God for permission a little more, and stop informing him after I have made decisions.