Saturday, August 18, 2012


No, not the musical!  The study OF cats.  Grace has been insistent for well over a year that she is going to be a cat when she grows up.  I have had brain block for well over a year on how to foster her dreams when they are SOOO unreal.  Therefore, I have just smiled at her and let her use her imagination without hindering her, but also without encouraging her. 

About a month ago I was writing a comment on a friend's blog post when I answered my own problem.  Duh!  Just start!  Why can't I encourage her?  I try to teach Libby things about being a veterinarian, why not teach Grace about cats? 

Consequently, this week we have been counting cats, graphing cats, putting cat puzzles together, reading simple words in stories about cats, etc.  Next week we will learn about baby kittens and what they eat and catnip and more.  I am having a blast with Grace, and as of last night, all three kids were having a blast with learning.  Mission accomplished this week, time to think about next week!

My future kitty cat! ;)

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doyoumeanwhatiknow said...

Sweet! Meow!