Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Camp Bee A Friend

Day Two ~ One Sick Momma

After a good night of sleep (for the girls that is) they actually woke themselves up at 7:00 this morning.  They rolled out of bed, and, well I guess rolling is the key word.  They were still dragging their feet a bit.  They still didn't really want to eat the yummy breakfast daddy made them.  The difference between the two days is that today, momma didn't want to eat daddy's yummy breakfast either!  She wasn't feeling so well! 

As forward as momma was to heading back to camp for round two, it just wasn't going to happen!  Thankfully, daddy stayed home from work and took care of the sick momma!  As for John...he was an angel!  He was such a good boy for his daddy.  By the time daddy came home with two girls today, one (Grace) was probably even grouchier than yesterday and just fell into her bed for a nap and the other (Libby) is already asking if she can go back next year.  Success!  We shall see how day three goes, now.  Hopefully, momma will be able to re-join her friends!

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Julianne Dunnuck said...

Get well very soon!!!!