Monday, August 13, 2012

Camp Bee A Friend

Day Five ~ BUSY!!

Friday was the girls last day of camp for the first week.  Momma didn't get to go because this is daddy's first shift day, but she was up bright and early with daddy.  Momma got her Bible done and her "to do" list done and then the kids were up...and there was NO stopping from there!

The kids were excited to be dropped off at camp...and John wasn't too happy with me for dragging him away.  The girls must have had so much fun that it wiped them out!  By the time Chris came to pick them up they were walking around like zombies.  Neither of them could find their bags and they both left their water bottles behind.

No time for naps though!  We were off for Chicago in a flash!  It was a L-O-N-G drive complicated by the fact that the directions were wrong.  They were only off by about 5 miles, but that is enough to drive a tired person batty!

It was a long day, but all-in-all a good one.  :)

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