Monday, August 13, 2012

Six Flags Fun

Although the trip to Chicago was tiring, it had nothing on the fun and exhaustion after a full day at Six Flags. 

We left on the first shuttle from the hotel (10 AM) for the park.  Our group was large enough that we had to split up.  Everyone started to pile on to the bus, but the driver stopped the last four members of our group and told us he would come back for us.  No problem!  He shut the door and off he went.  It wasn't two seconds after he drove off that Tom, Chris and I heard a pitiful cry come from the stroller holding a very sad little John.  He was devastated!  He thought that bus drove right off with out us, never to return!  I pulled him out of his stroller to comfort him, but you could still hear a sniffle every once in awhile when the bus came back about eight minutes later.  :(  To say the least, he was thrilled when he saw it coming back for us!

Once at the park we kept going from here to there to everywhere.  Sometimes we would split up and take the taller kids so they could ride a roller coaster or two.  Sometimes we would just stick together.  Here is a picture of grandma with the kids headed for the "wet" rides.  If you look hard enough you can just see Grace's pink shirt at the right edge of the picture.  :)

As the day wore on, kiddos were starting to act more and more tired.  Grace was loving being held by grandma!  All seven of the kids enjoyed seeing their grandma and grandpa (or otherwise called, Juana and Papa). 

This little boy NEVER took a nap...all day!  I was amazed at his Energizer Bunny qualities.  He was actually well behaved the whole day, as well!

Brenton, on the other hand...was OUT!  He was just done at one point.  I said that John was well behaved, but really ALL of the kids were well behaved ALL day long.

By the end of the night we were definitely wearing down, but still going.  The last shuttle back to the hotel was at 9:00 PM and at about 8:10 three of the kids, grandma and I were headed to one last water ride!  I had promised Libby long ago that we would hit it and it was do or die time!  We made it...and being that late at night there was hardly any line.  Grant and I got wet enough, but Grace and Libby got ABSOLUTELY soaked!!!  They, of course, wanted to go again, but we really needed to start heading to the front gate to meet up with the rest of our group.  The only problem was...when we got there...our group wasn't there!  We called them and they were headed our way, but time was ticking and we weren't sure we were going to make it to the shuttle on time.  That isn't a great big deal, but we weren't sure if we wanted to be a retinue of 13 walking 0.7 miles back to the hotel...not to mention at least one pretty big road to cross!  Janet and I finally decided that our part of the group was going to go catch the shuttle and then we could send him back for the rest of our group so NO ONE had to walk anywhere.  We were glad we did because the other group missed the shuttle by two minutes!  By the time we were all back at the hotel room...we were hungry and tired.  So, a short trip to Burger King and then off to Dream Land for the night!

All in all...a success!

Oh...and one last picture to make you smile.  :)  Yes, I was getting the "Liza Marie!" treatment at this very moment.


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writingwithbothsidesofmybrain said...

Lol. Sounds like a fun time was had by all.

Julianne Dunnuck said...

love it! what a great memory!